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Word : No

Phoneme : /n/

**If images below look cut off, scroll all the way to bottom of page to find the <left/right> scrollbar.**

Figure 1 : Word Time Waveform, 30ms Phoneme Time Waveform, Magnitude Response with Spectral Envelope

Figure 2 : Word Time Waveform, Narrowband Spectogram, Wideband Spectogram

Figure 3 : 3D Plot, Frequency vs. Time vs. Power Spectral Density



/i/ /I/ /E/ /@/ /a/ /c/ /U/ /o/ /u/ /e/
/A/ /R/ /r/ /l/ /w/ /y/ /m/ /n/ /G/ /p/
/t/ /k/ /b/ /d/ /g/ /f/ /T/ /s/ /S/ /v/
/D/ /z/ /Z/ /h/ /Y/ /W/ /O/ /JU/ /tS/ /J/


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